Engraved Selenite Hearts

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  • Engraved Selenite Hearts
  • Engraved Selenite Hearts
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Flower of Life Engraved Selenite Hearts

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Hearts crafted from white selenite with engraved designs.

Discover the beauty of these hearts carved from white selenite, available in two captivating designs: angel wings or flower of life.

On one side, you can admire the engraved drawings, while on the other, you will find the characteristic pearly iridescence of selenite.

Approximate size of each heart: 6 to 8 cm and 2 cm thick. They are ideal for both decoration and holding during meditation.

Origin: Morocco

Selenite, renowned for its natural iridescence, may display slight imperfections on its surface due to its tendency to exfoliate. This is a unique characteristic of this craftsmanship.

In the esoteric realm, this stone is associated with purity and lunar energy.

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