Natural Blue Calcite Heart


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Hand-Carved Natural Blue Calcite Heart

Exquisite blue calcite hearts, sourced directly from Madagascar, available for purchase individually and in three different sizes.

Each blue calcite heart is a unique piece, hand-carved from natural stone, making each one distinct in shape, hue, and size. The provided measurements are approximate, with a possible variation of ±0.5 cm, mainly referring to the height of each piece. The thickness of these hearts ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 cm.

The price for each heart is indicated upon selecting the desired size.

Being made of natural blue calcite, these hearts may exhibit unique characteristics such as fissures or small cavities, considered normal due to the nature of the calcite and the artisanal carving process.

In one of the images, a heart of each size is displayed, and alongside the largest piece, there is a coin that serves as a reference to appreciate the proportion and relative size among the different sizes available.

Blue calcite is known for its soft and soothing blue colour. The tones and nuances of blue calcite bring a sense of serenity and harmony. The images provide examples of the quality and beauty of these hearts.

To properly display the samples in the images, we have used supports that allow the pieces to be positioned vertically.


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