Chakra macramé bracelet

  • Chakra macramé bracelet
  • Chakra macramé bracelet - 6 mm
  • Chakra macramé bracelet - 8 mm
  • Chakra macramé bracelet - 10 mm
Chakra macramé bracelet - 6 mm

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Adjustable macramé bracelet with stones in the colors of the chakras.

This bracelet is made up of seven stone beads strung together with macramé techniques, and due to their colors, they represent the seven main chakras.

The seven stones are natural, but some of them are dyed to obtain the desired color for the corresponding chakra.

The stones are: Amethyst, lapis lazuli, blue agate, green jade, tiger's eye, orange jade, and carnelian.

This model of bracelet can be purchased in three different bead sizes: 10 mm, 8 mm, and 6 mm.

The minimum circumference of each bracelet is about 13.5 cm and the maximum is about 25 cm, making it suitable for adults and children.

The price corresponds to one bracelet according to the chosen size.


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