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Multilayer bracelet - Owl

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Multilayer jade or agate bracelet, owl model.

These bracelets have the ideal size to use them giving 3 laps around the wrist. Thus, the decorative beads concur on the outside of the wrist, giving the impression that three bracelets and not one are carried.

They can also be used as necklaces.

Multilayer bracelets are made with 6 mm natural stone beads, have different combinations of intervals and beads, and each one carries a cute owl charm.

They are available in 5 different colors:

  • Pink: dyed pink jade with metal intervals, blue jade and hematite.
  • Green: green jade with metal intervals, jade and hematite.
  • Watermelon: dyed watermelon color jade with metal intervals and hematite.
  • Black: black agate with metal intervals, hematite and carnelian.
  • Purple: dyed purple agate, with carnelian intervals, metal and resin (smaller).

Size: for wrists up to 17 cm (about 52 cm in total circumference) and the purple is for wrists up to 16 cm (about 50 cm in total circumference).

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