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Solar system elements bracelet

The beads on this bracelet represent the planets of the solar system, the moon, the sun and the vastness of the universe full of stars.

It is composed of 10 stones that represent the main stars of the solar system and lilac gold stone beads that represent the cosmos.

The accounts that represent the stars are:

Red jasper - Sun.

Yellow calcite - Mercury.

Tiger's eye - Venus.

Jade dyed blue - Earth.

Larvikite moonstone - Moon.

Porthole - Mars.

Carnelian - Jupiter.

Paisina Jasper - Saturn.

Green-tinted cat's eye - Uranus.

Blue-tinted cat's eye - Neptune.

Onyx - Pluto.

It is a very original bracelet available in three options:

Model 1: Made with 6 mm size beads lined in elastic band.

Model 2: Also lined in elastic band but made with 8 mm beads.

Model 3: It is an adjustable bracelet with a sliding knot and made of 8 mm beads.


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