Agate heart for pendant

  • Agate heart for pendant
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  • Red agate heart for pendant
Green agate heart for pendant

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 3.

Selected Stone:

Agate heart with pin hole ideal for pendant.

These hearts are made with banded agate and available in green or reddish.

Each measures between about 25mm and about 30mm with up to 5mm thick.

Green agate hearts feature various shades of green that can be interspersed with translucent white and black veining.

The red agate hearts have reddish tones that vary from the typical orange of carnelian to the gray of chalcedony, passing through the brown of miracle agate. They also have beautiful streaks and patterns that mix these colors with translucent areas and white stripes.

They are impeccably polished and have a spectacular luster and are very pleasant to the touch.

Each agate heart has a hole to put a pin and make a pendant.

The price corresponds to a heart according to the selected color, since a minimum of 3 units must be purchased.

In the images you can see some samples of these agate hearts, similar hearts will be sent.


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