Articulated owl pendant - silver

  • Articulated owl pendant - silver
  • Articulated owl pendant - model 1
  • Articulated owl pendant - model 2
  • Articulated owl pendant - model 3
Articulated owl pendant - model 1

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Pendants articulated in sterling silver - owls with Evil Eye.

They are pendants composed of pieces of sterling silver that are united forming graceful owls articulated.

The eyes of the owls are amulets against the evil eye (Turkish Evil Eye).

Available in 3 models:

Model 1: Owl with 2 pieces measuring about 25 mm x 12 mm.

Model 2: Small owl with 3 pieces, approximately 20 mm x 10 mm.

Model 2: Large 3-piece owl with about 22 mm x 14 mm.

Using the blue eye as an amulet against the evil eye is common in several Mediterranean cultures. This symbol is known as Nazar, Turkish Eye or Greek Eye.

The owl is a symbol of wisdom and protection. Turning the head 360º has a wide view of its surroundings.

These two symbols are often combined to achieve better effectiveness in removing the evil eye.


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