Agate Wind Chime

  • Agate Wind Chime
  • Agate Wind Chime - light blue
  • Agate Wind Chime - dark blue
  • Agate Wind Chime - lemon
  • Agate Wind Chime - multicolored
  • Agate Wind Chime - natural
  • Agate Wind Chime - green
  • Agate Wind Chime - carneola
Agate Wind Chime - dark blue

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Color agate

Wind Chime. Agate Wind Messenger.

Brazilian agate sheets, joined by a wooden ring, that form a beautiful and original Messenger of the Wind.

Each one measures between 55 and 75 cm of length, with seven sheets of irregular form, as they are natural pieces, of between 6 and 12 cm each one.

The agate sheets of this Wind chime have a perfect polish that gives them a magnificent sheen shine.

You can choose the color you want from: Natural agate, lemon, carneola, dark blue, light blue, green or multicolored.

The Messengers of the Wind:

According to Feng Shui, mobiles are objects that, because they have mobility, are very suitable to harmonize environments and energize the local energy flow. Especially those who produce pleasant sounds, the so-called wind messengers, serve to neutralize the negative energies and attract the positive vibrations.

They are very useful for rooms and are popularly used to prevent nightmares. According to studies carried out by the Universal Holistic Society "SOU", in the field of bioenergetics, asynchronous sounds produced by the wind, relax the mind, and prevent our thoughts from associating with external elements by promoting meditation and contact with the inner self .

The Wind Messengers transmit the voice of the wind, transforming in harmony sound the beautiful inconstancy of nature.


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