Sodalite Tree, 300 Chips

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Sodalite Tree, 300 Chips

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Sodalite Decorative Tree with 300 Chips

Craftsmanship from India, this splendid decorative tree is distinguished by being meticulously crafted with approximately 300 chips of sodalite. Its trunk, made with wire, is coated to evoke the natural color of wood and rests on a natural wood base adorned with a delicate layer of sodalite gravel.

Standing approximately 25 cm tall and with a base diameter of 6 cm, the tree spreads its branches to a width of about 18 cm. The abundant amount of 300 sodalite chips enriches the appearance of this tree, offering it a superior density compared to other versions with fewer chips.

Each sodalite chip has been carefully set on the silver wire branches, ensuring their firmness and preventing them from detaching. The images reflect the craftsmanship quality of each piece, with each tree being unique due to the natural variations of the stones.

This sodalite tree is delivered with the branches closed, providing the recipient the pleasure of opening it and arranging the branches to their preference.

Sodalite, known for its vibrant blue hue, is appreciated for its beauty and is attributed properties that promote mental clarity and spiritual harmony.


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