Silex arrowhead, prehistoric replica

  • Silex arrowhead, prehistoric replica
  • Silex arrowhead, prehistoric replica - large measure
  • Silex arrowhead, prehistoric replica- medium measure
  • Silex arrowhead, prehistoric replica - small measure
Silex arrowhead, prehistoric replica - small measure

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Silex arrowhead carved as in prehistoric times.

These arrowheads are made of silex (flint), the same mineral used by our ancestors and with the same carving technique.

They are available in 3 different measure according to the length of each piece. The approximate measure available to choose from are:

Small: The length of each point is between 8 cm and 9 cm.

Medium: The medium points have a length between 10 cm and 11 cm.

Large: They are pieces with a length between 12 cm and 13 cm each.

They are handmade objects made in India and both the format and the measurements vary considerably from one point to another. In addition, the color of silex also varies greatly.

The price corresponds to one piece according to the selected size. The pieces in the images are just a sample of the product.


The ancestral symbolism of silex arrowheads:

Since prehistoric times, arrowheads have been hunting instruments and protection against enemies.

The prehistoric man used silex to make all kinds of cutting tools and also to produce fire, since when friction is made, it produces sparks.

Since then, silex arrowheads have been used not only as utensils, but also as talismans and amulets.

An arrowhead is an ancestral symbol that provides strength and protection. It can be used in rituals or as a talisman to evoke male yang energies, such as the strength of the warrior, the skill of the hunter and the protection of the father, by both men and women.

In addition, from a mystical approach, silex has an energy that leads to evolution. It is the material that propelled humanity in technological conquest, from rudimentary weapons and fire mastery to silicon-made microprocessors, the main chemical element that composes silex.