Golden Quartz Tree

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Golden Quartz Tree

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Decorative tree made with 300 natural golden quartz chips

This beautiful artisanal tree is crafted with approximately 300 natural golden quartz chips. The trunk, made of silver wire and covered to simulate the texture of wood, rises from a natural wooden base that is carefully adorned with small pieces of golden quartz.

The tree stands at about 25 cm tall, and when its branches are opened, it can extend up to 18 cm in width. The base measures approximately 6 cm in diameter.

The generous quantity of 300 golden quartz chips gives this tree a lush and full appearance, surpassing other similar trees with fewer chips in volume. Each chip is securely embedded in the silver wire branches, preventing them from coming loose.

Golden quartz is a variety of quartz with yellow tones and warm hues, associated with prosperity and mental clarity. It is believed that this stone can provide confidence and stimulate personal growth.

The image shown is a sample of the artisanal quality, and each tree is slightly different due to the unique nature of the stones used. The tree is delivered with its branches closed, allowing the recipient to enjoy the charm of opening and shaping it according to their preferences.

This fascinating piece of golden quartz is originally from India.