Citrine Tree, 300 chips

Citrine Tree, 300 chips

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Decorative tree made with natural citrine chips.

This artisanal tree is crafted with approximately 300 natural citrine chips. The trunk, made of silver wire, is coated to imitate the color of wood and sits on a natural wooden base, adorned with fine gravel of the same stone.

The tree stands at an approximate height of 25 cm, with a base of about 6 cm in diameter. When its branches are opened, the tree can reach a width of up to 18 cm. With its 300 citrine chips, the branches look fuller, setting it apart from similar trees with fewer chips. The chips are carefully set in the silver wire branches, ensuring they remain securely in place without coming loose.

Citrine is a variety of quartz with a golden to yellow hue, associated with abundance and joy. Besides its aesthetic appeal, citrine is believed to have energizing properties and the ability to attract prosperity.

The presented image is a representation of the product's quality, and each tree is unique due to the nature of the stones used. The tree is shipped with its branches closed, allowing the recipient to enjoy the experience of opening and customizing its shape.

This original citrine tree, a product from India, will bring a touch of energy and natural elegance to any setting.


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