Jasper carved angel

  • Jasper carved angel
  • Jasper carved angel
  • Zebra Jasper carved angel
  • Dalmatian jasper carved angel
  • Kiwi jasper carved angel
  • Green jasper carved angel
Dalmatian jasper carved angel

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Selected Stone:

Angel carved in various jasper options.

Carved in jasper, each angel has an approximate size of about 5 cm x 3 cm x 1.5 cm.

The angel can be made of dalmatian jasper, kiwi jasper, zebra jasper and green jasper.

They are made one by one and because of that and because they are made from natural stone they are different from each other and present differences in format and size.

The natural cracks and fractures of jasper, although perceived by touch, are not considered defects since they are typical of this type of stone and are not eliminated by the artisanal work of polishing.


They are stones considered in esotericism as very powerful stones. Kiwi jasper, also called African blue jasper, is used for meditation, green jasper is considered as a catalyst of life force and Dalmatian jasper as well as zebra jasper is used to achieve balance in all aspects.

The Angels:

The belief in the angels is present in diverse religions, as in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faith.

According to these religions angels are spiritual beings of light created by God. The mission of the angels is to love, serve and give glory to God, to be his messengers, to care for and help men.


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