Carved Hematite Angel

Carved Hematite Angel

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Figure of Angel carved in Hematite.

Approximate size: height between 4 and 5 cm x 3 cm x 1,5 cm.

Approximate weight: Between 20 grams and 30 grams.

Explanatory label attached.

The stone denominated Hematite presents a gray color of metallic appearance, with mirrored brightness. It becomes magnetic by heating for all the therapeutic benefits of magnets.

Concentrator of energy, it acts mainly in the physical plane. It is the stone of the warriors.

It helps the mind to focus attention and increase the intellectual capacity, very useful for people inattentive and clueless. It activates self-discipline and concentrates inner strength toward concrete goals.

The Angels:

The belief in the angels is present in diverse religions, as in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faith.

According to these religions angels are spiritual beings of light created by God. The mission of the angels is to love, serve and give glory to God, to be his messengers, to care for and help men.