Amethyst palm stone

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Amethyst palm stone
  • Amethyst palm stone
  • Amethyst palm stone
  • Amethyst palm stone

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Pieces of amethyst palm stone shape.

Beautiful stones for meditation made with natural amethyst, an African variety.

The palm stone format, that is, stone for the palm of the hand, is also called soap carving.

It is a flat oval shape with an ideal size to fit in the palm of the hand. Stones with this cut are often used in meditation, held in open hands or manipulated for a few moments.

Each amethyst palm stone measures about 6 cm by 4 cm x 1.5 cm. Being its weight between 70 grams to 90 grams.

The price corresponds to one unit.

It must be taken into account that they are not flat boulders, since their oval format is well defined even though, being handcrafted, the measurements and proportions may vary.

From India.

A unit of similar quality to the samples in the images will be sent.


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