Wholesale Zone and wholesale prices:

       All visitors to our Web can view retail prices, but only customers who are discharged and that your details have been verified will have access to wholesale prices.

        New customers who wish to access this area will have to register as a wholesale customer .

        The verification shall be completed within 24 hours. If not possible verification by the NIF or the address of the company, you we will e-mail or call.

        The customer will receive an automatic email with the confirmation of login data and, after a period not exceeding 24 hours, a second e-mail confirming the wholesale access.

        Only after receiving the second e-mail is that the online prices of our store will be presented in bulk.

       Being understood such as wholesale customer, everyone who buys for resale or professional who use the products in their work. 




     If you need more help feel free to apply by phone +34 966476260, e-mail: info@uniart.es or use our online chat support.

     We will be glad to answer all your asked questions.


      Automatically translated from Spanish language by computerized means. Kindly excuse any possible errors of wording.