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Chakra Set - stones and pendulum

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Kit of 8 stones and a quartz pendulum for diagnosis and the balance of the 7 main chakras.

Chakras stones measuring about 4.6 cm x 4.0 cm x 0.8 cm, weighing approximately 30g each.

The stones of this set are not tumbled,  they are carved well and polished. They are 8 stones correlative Chakras completely flat that facilitates placement on the Chakras point. They are very suitable for use  with Reiki, crystal therapy, therapeutic massage, etc ....

This kit for Chakras have a quartz crystal pendulum  ideal for  the measurement of the energy chakras points of the body.

The kit for the chakras is presented with an explanatory booklet (in spanish language) on a hard cardboard case with foam interior for better conditioning of the stones of the chakras. 

The correlactives Chakras stones of the kit are:

· Fluorite  - 7º Chakra.

· Sodalite -  6º Chakra.

· Blue Quartz -  5º Chakra.

· Green Quartz and Rose Quartz- 4º Chakra.(Working with the two stones most effective results are achieved in this Chakra.)

·Yellow Aventurine - 3º ChaKra.

· Aventurine Orange -  2º Chakra.

· Red Jasper - 1º Chakra.

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