Natural gemstones pendulums

  • Natural gemstones pendulums
  • Natural sodalite pendulums
  • Natural serpentine pendulums
  • Natural black obsidian pendulums
Natural serpentine pendulums

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Handmade pendulums of natural gemstones.

They are pendulums with 6 facets, traditional model, carved by hand in different types of natural minerals.

As they are made by hand, their format can vary from one to another, such as presenting asymmetries and variable measurements. In addition, natural stones have their own unique characteristics such as inclusions, a wide range of shades, small cracks, crystallization, etc.

Each of these pendulums is between 3 cm and 4 cm long.

Apart from consultative dowsing, in the esoteric field, a natural stone pendulum can be used to detect subtle energies and to channel Reiki energy.

Available minerals: black obsidian, sodalite, serpentine.

The images contain example pendulums, the price is unitary, an equivalent quality pendulum will be sent according to the chosen stone.

Origin: India.


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