Acorn wooden pendulum

  • Acorn wooden pendulum
  • Acorn wooden pendulum - model 1
  • Acorn wooden pendulum - model 2
  • Acorn wooden pendulum - model 3
Acorn wooden pendulum - model 3

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Acorn model natural wood pendulum.

The acorn type pendulum receives this name due to its format that presents one or more domes on the conical part of the pendulum, thus resembling an acorn.

They are handcrafted from natural wood with a fine varnish finish that does not hide the beautiful veins and nodules of the material and preserves the different nuances of the natural color.

Because they are made manually, they present variations in measurements and formats, being that on average the size of each pendulum is about 6 cm x 2 cm and its weight without the chain is about 8 grams.

Model 1: With a dome.

Model 2: With two domes.

Model 3: With three domes.

Origin: India.


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