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Wooden Pendulum - model 3

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Handmade wooden pendulum.

These Pendulums are powerful tools for perceiving and manipulating energies. Ideal as a divination oracle or for energy diagnosis.

The pendulum is a query method that reveals answers to objective questions, in general the clockwise movement indicates yes and the anti-clockwise movement indicates no. They are also often used in Reiki and Radiesthesia.

The wooden pendulum is preferred by some since, being made of a neutral material, it is not affected by electromagnetic fields and the response is usually more reliable.

Available in three different models:

Model 1: It measures about 6 cm x 1.8 cm and weighs about 6 grams without the chain.

Model 2: It measures about 6 cm x 1.8 cm and weighs about 5.5 grams without the chain.

model 3: It measures about 7 cm x 1.5 cm and weighs about 7 grams without the chain.

Due to the craftsmanship and the natural state of the wood, it is possible that the measurements and shades are somewhat different.

Origin: India.


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