Moonstone or sunstone pendulum

  • Moonstone or sunstone pendulum
  • Sunstone pendulum
  • Rainbow moonstone pendulum
  • Cream moonstone pendulum
Rainbow moonstone pendulum

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Pendulums made of moonstone or sunstone.

These beautiful pendulums are sold individually and it is possible to choose between three options of natural stones: rainbow moonstone, cream moonstone and sunstone.

They are carved by hand, their model is the classic 6-sided model, but the format, proportion, symmetry and size may vary from one to another.

In general, each pendulum is between 3 cm and 4 cm long.

Natural stones usually have a wide range of shades and have veins, fissures and cracks typical of each stone.

The pendulums in the images are samples of the quality of the product. A pendulum of analogous quality will be sent to the buyer according to the choice of stone.

Made in India.


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