Osiris Pendulum, Djed Pillar

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Osiris Pendulum, Djed Pillar - brass color

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Pendulum Osiris, DJED Pillar.

The pendulum Osiris Djed Pillar, made in brass, represents an amulet widely used in Egypt that gave its wearer longevity, renewal, vitality and balance. By analogy with the spine of Osiris, it also provided the strengthening of the spine.

It has a weight of about 21 gr. And measures approximately 4.50 cm x 1 cm.

There are three colors you can choose from: silver, brass and copper.

The column represented in this pendulum, was used in the celebrations of the Real Jubilee that later were associated to Osiris. These celebrations known as The erection of the Djed Pillar represented the stability of the kingdom, the resurrection of Osiris and his victory over Seth. This ritual ceremony was performed with the object of periodically restoring, reconstructing and revitalizing the forces of the pharaoh, so that he could continue his reign.



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