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  • Lemon Jasper pendulum
  • Lemon Jasper pendulum
Red jasper pendulum

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Basic model jasper pendulum.

It is the traditional model of pendulum with 6 facets, handcrafted in different types of jasper.

The format may vary a little from one pendulum to another, such as presenting 12 facets, as well as the upper part in a straight cut, depending on availability at the time.

This kind of handcrafted work in natural jaspers has characteristics typical of minerals such as fissures, natural crystallizations, inclusions and a wide variety of colors. In addition, handcrafted pendulums can be asymmetrical and with variable measurements. The size of each jasper pendulum is between 3 cm and 4 cm long.

A jasper pendulum is a great tool for revealing subtle energies, its use extends beyond consultative dowsing, as mineral pendulums have long been used for channeling Reiki energy.

Available in: Red Jasper, Lemon Jasper, Coquina Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Wood Jasper and Black Jasper.

The images contain examples, the price is unitary, a similar pendulum will be sent according to the selected jasper.

Origin: India.


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