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Universal metal rod pendulum - brass color

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Universal wand model pendulum for Reiki, radiesthesia and consultation.

These wand-shaped metal pendulums measure about 4 cm x 0.8 cm, weighing an average of 11 grams and are for universal use.

They have 10 batteries similar to Isis pendulums arranged between two disks and their tip has the shape of a Mermet pendulum. Due to its special format, this pendulum can be used universally for all types of consultation.

Due to its battery-powered wand format, it facilitates the measurement of the energy of the Chakras, being ideal for use in conjunction with Reiki techniques.

They can also be used in dowsing and in any type of consultation or energy measurement (Chi energy) since their Mermet-shaped tip provides great precision.

The elongated format also facilitates geolocation work, whether on a map or on the ground.

They are sold individually and you can choose between three color options.


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