Pack of 12 quartz and gemstones pendulums - pocket

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Pack of 12 pocket-sized pendulums of various types of quartz and gemstones.

This pendulum pack contains 12 units and the price corresponds to the complete pack.

The pack may contain assorted and balanced pendulums of the following gemstones: Assorted agates, amethyst, amazonite, assorted aventurines, assorted quartz, fluorite, assorted jaspers, labradorite, sunstone and moonstone.

Eventually, some of the listed stones may be excluded or a different one may be included in the pack, depending on availability.

In addition, each pack will have a pendulum of the chakras.

Approximate size of each pendulum: Between 2,5 cm to 3,5 cm in height.

They are handcrafted pendulums, from India and made of natural stones.

They may present irregularities typical of minerals such as natural cracks, inclusions and variations in color, as well as asymmetries and differences in size characteristic of artisan work.

A pendulum small natural stone is ideal to carry anywhere, whether in your bag or pocket.

The quartz pendulum or other natural stone is the best tool to detect subtle energies, its use extends beyond consultation dowsing, since both for therapeutic diagnosis of energy imbalances and mineral pendulums have long been used for channeling Reiki energy.


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