Green Agate sheets

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Green Agate sheets

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Green agate sheets by weight.

These agate sheets have beautiful streaks in green tones, they may also have some gray, white or brown streaks. They have a great shine as they are polished on both sides.

Each sheet of green agate is unique as they are natural pieces.

They present various sizes, weights and shapes, please get more information in the guidance table to choose and acquire the sheets according to their weight.


Approximate weight: Diameter:
50 grams Between 6 cm and 8 cm
75 grams Between 8 cm and 9 cm
100 grams Between 9 cm and 10 cm
125 grams Between 10 cm and 12 cm
150 grams Between 12 cm and 13 cm
175 grams Between 13 cm and 15 cm
200 grams Between 15 cm and 16 cm


The picture shows the overall quality of the piece, you will receive a similar piece in relation to the weight you have chosen.

The pieces do not have any type of display, if you want to buy one of relative size to the sheet, you must indicate in the weight menu the unit display option to acquire it.


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