Clear quartz faceted tips

Clear quartz faceted tips

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Clear quartz faceted tips.

Faceted handmade claer quartz tips, on sale by weight.

The clear quartz tips are available in diferents sizes, please see the guidance table to select and buy the tips according to their weight.


Approximate measurements:
Approximate weight: Height:
20 grams Between 4 cm and 6 cm
30 grams Between 5 cm and 7 cm
40 grams Between 6 cm and 8 cm
50 grams Between 6 cm and 8 cm
60 grams Between 8 cm and 10 cm
70 grams Between 7 cm and 9 cm
80 grams Between 9 cm and 10 cm
90 grams Between 9 cm and 11 cm
100 grams Between 10 cm and 12 cm


You can appreciate in the photo the genenral quality of this tips, you will receive a similar product according to the selected option.


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