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Tibetan Buddhist Mala Beads of aventurine 8 mm

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  • Green
  • Orange
  • Brown


Japa Mala (Hindu, Buddhist or Tibetan rosary) of aventurine in 8 mm balls.

It is a japa-mala made with 8 mm balls of aventurine and presents metal dividers to every 27 beads.

The tassel has a soft touch and glossy shine, is decorated with a charm in the shape of OM.

There are three options to buy japa-mala from aventurine: green aventurine, orange aventurine and brown aventurine.

Japa-mala is used to chant mantras and meditate, but it is also apt to be worn on the neck.

Approximate measurements of Japa Mala de aventurina 8 mm:

  • Number of beads: 108 of 8 mm and 1 of 10 mm.
  • Length: 80 cm without the tassel.

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