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Sale of esoteric products and mystical jewellery.


  • Pendulums

    If you want to buy pendulums, UniArt is your best choice because in our website you will find pendulums of different kinds and materials such as quartz pendulums, for Reiki and dowsing, or stones for the seven Chakras and more.

    In this category we offer discounts both retail and for professionals. See conditions and reduced prices for wholesale.

    We suggest that when buying this product you read its description, as you will find the characteristics such as size and weight as well as other data such as the properties of crystals or meanings of the symbols, as they are indicated to interact with subtle energies.

    The pendulum is currently used for multiple purposes, not only in traditional dowsing but also in alternative therapies such as Reiki, energy diagnostics and it can be combined with the properties of the natural stones.

  • Buddhist Mala Beads

    A Buddhist mala beads is a string of 108 round beads used as a rosary in Hindu, Buddhist and Tibetan religions for chanting mantras and to provide support for meditation. Along with these 108 beads, the mala has an extra larger bead with a tuft of threads that is in the middle.

  • Statuettes and Angels

    We offer you a wide selection in figures of angels and various figures made with crystals and semiprecious stones.

    The most representative forms are the trees, owls and each angel. Each figure of angels is made of a different gemstone and is representative of a different angel or archangel, which at the same time represents specific qualities and characteristics. In the description of each product you can see it.

    All these figures are available to buy retail and wholesale with special prices.

  • Zodiac stones

    In our online shop we offer you a collection of natural stones with the horoscope signs engraved by hand through a process of handcraft. These zodiac stones interact with the horoscope signs according to the properties of each crystal and depending on the sign of their carving.

    In addition, the power of each crystal increases the positive energy of each sign, stimulating balance and recharging mood.

    The stones act reducing personal weaknesses and reinforcing their qualities.

  • Healing Wands

    Healing wands or canes in natural stones for healing, reiki, crystal therapy, manipulation of energy, dowsing, chakra balancing and natural therapies.

    The opportunity to buy online unique pieces of great beauty and power.

    True magic wands at special prices!

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Esoteric products 

Sale of esoteric products and mystical jewelry in crystals. In our shop you can buy gemstones and natural stones oriented to esoterism and mystical practices.

An example of what we offer for online purchase are the lucky charms, Buddhist malas, horoscope stones, among other objects that are part of ancient practices, ancient cultures and popular beliefs.

Within the esotericism and mysticism, as well as from the beginnings of human culture, crystals and semiprecious stones have been used for making talismans and objects with esoteric powers.

The human being has always needed the ritual to get in touch with his spiritual side and the ritual has always required physical objects to represent its mystical face.

UniArt aims to bring our customers this ancient and mystical wisdom, and the secrets of esotericism, setting these concepts in a variety of esoteric products.

The mystical jewelry that we have for sale is based on the traditions of various cultures, both occidental and Buddhist symbols and oriental.

Moreover, among our esoteric products made with crystals there is a large assortment of pendulums and decorative figures like angels, trees, etc.

In our shop we are engaged in retail and wholesale. If you want to buy our products in retail you can do it normally without any previous verification.

To access the conditions and wholesale prices you must access the "Wholesaler Zone".

Prices are shown in retail (including 21% VAT).