Trolleite eggs

Hevos de trolleíta
  • Hevos de trolleíta
  • Hevos de trolleíta

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Decorative trolleite eggs.

They are eggs made in natural trolleite stone , in an artisanal way and can present irregularities typical of minerals such as fissures, cracks and inclusions that are not flawed and if characteristic natural stone.

The price presented is per unit according to the approximate weight selected. The weight can vary about 10 grams for less or for more.

Measurements can vary between 4 cm to 7 cm high depending on the weight and thickness of each egg.

The photos show a sample of the quality of the eggs, a similar trolley egg will be sent.

They are eggs intended for decorative use and are not indicated as internal massagers.

The bases are not included.

With the discovery of new deposits for the extraction of trolleite in Brazil, this novel mineral begins to attract attention for its beauty and uniqueness.

The trolleite, which has a beautiful blue color and is from the phosphate mineral class, should not be confused with the grayish black troilite, from the sulfide mineral class.