Round pendant in silver and blue chalcedony

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  • Round pendant in silver and blue chalcedony
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Round pendant in silver and blue chalcedony

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Round sterling silver pendant with banded blue chalcedony.

They are pendants with banded chalcedony natural stone cabochon set in 925 silver and with a delicate round model.

There are two pendants available, the price is per unit depending on the selected model.

Approximate size of each pendant in sterling silver:

Model 1: 41 mm x 28 mm x 7 mm.

Model 2: 46 mm x 33 mm x 8 mm.

The ring is considered in the measurements.

The stone banded blue chalcedony has a very elegant grayish-blue color and natural veins that form very beautiful bands.

Handmade silver tends to present certain irregularities and asymmetries and natural stones may have inclusions and small cracks, these details are not defects and are considered normal characteristics of this type of jewel.

They are unique pieces and when you buy one of these silver chalcedony pendants you will receive exactly the piece shown in the photo.

Certified 1st law silver.

Unique pieces.

Strings are not included in the price.


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