Oval moonstone silver pendants

  • Oval moonstone silver pendants

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Sterling silver oval pendants with moonstone.

These delicate pendants handcrafted are made of certified 925 sterling silver and natural moonstone in oval format .

Each handmade silver pendant with moonstone has a slightly different format and due to their approximate measurements they are divided into two sizes:

Large: Large moonstone pendants measure between 4.8cm and 5.6cm high by 1.9cm x 2.4cm.

Medium: The medium pendants measure between 4 cm and 5 cm high by 1.5 cm to 2 cm wide.

In the measurements the ring of the pendant is considered. The price is relative to a unit according to the chosen measure.

They are unique, handmade jewels with natural stone. They can present asymmetries in the work of the silver and the moonstone naturally has a crackle appearance that makes it more intense.


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