Gothic labradorite tear, silver pendant


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Gothic teardrop-shaped pendants, made of labradorite and sterling silver.

There are 2 sizes of pendants handcrafted in 925 silver and with natural labradorite stone in the shape of a tear and Gothic style.

Including the handle, the size of the pendants according to each measure are:

Large: Height between 5.4 cm and 5.7 cm, the width being about 2.6 cm to 3 cm.

Medium: Height between 4.9 cm and 5.5 cm with width between 2.4 cm and 2.7 cm.

As they are handmade with natural stones, each pendant is unique and may present small variations in the format and the measurements are not exact.

The chains are not included and the price corresponds to a piece according to the selected measure.

The pieces in the photographs are samples of the quality and the measurements, when you buy a silver labradorite pendant you will receive a similar piece.

They are beautiful silver jewels of 1st law certified according to the legal requirements in Spain.


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