Celestite from Madagascar per kilo


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Pieces of raw celestite from Madagascar. Price per kilo.

This product is sold by the kilo and when you buy a kilo or more you will receive pieces of raw celestite of different sizes and of similar quality to the examples in the images.

A kilo of celestite is made up of up to 3 specimens of varied sizes and the customer can indicate his preference according to the quantity purchased. Each piece can have between about 250 grams to about 2 kilos and we will be able to attend to requests for sizes as long as there is availability.

Photos are a sample of quality, parts of similar quality will be shipped based on total purchased weight and buyer preferences.

Celestite, also called celestine, is a mineral from the sulfate class, its name refers to its beautiful sky-blue color. It is a mineral with a hardness between 3 and 3.5 on the Mohs scale and brittle toughness. Its crystals usually cover cavities in sedimentary rocks, limestone and sandstones. For this reason, celestite drusen and geodes are very fragile, fragments of matrix and crystals often detach from them, giving the impression that they become detached when handled.