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Rough super seven
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  • Rough super seven
  • Rough super seven
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Super seven (melody stone) in the rough.

Nice piece of super seven from Brazil in the rough state, but with the tip minimally polished and the base cut straight, keeping the format of natural crystallization.

The dimensions of this piece of super seven are approximately 17 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm and weighing about 1,8 kilos.

Also called melody stone , the super seven is a specimen of amethyst associated with 6 other minerals: smoky quartz, crystal quartz, goethite, rutile, cacoxenite, and lepidochrosite. The super seven stone, according to the esoteric perspective, is a New Age crystal and therefore considered a high-frequency crystal that houses an extraordinary power to connect with celestial energies. It is suitable and favorable for the most knowledgeable, as well as for those inexperienced in the metaphysical framework.

Unique piece.


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