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  • Silver chain bracelet with five Turkish eyes in murano style glass. Delicate and elegant this bracelet consists of five colorful Turkish glass eyes joined and interspersed by a fine silver chain. The measure of each Turkish eye is about 6 mm, the total length of the bracelet being about 18 cm when open. This silver bracelet with a Turkish eye is an ideal...

    15,00 €
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  • Bracelet with small Turkish eyes made of silver and Murano glass. This bracelet is a fine silver jewel that has 16 Turkish eyes in murano style glass of about 4 mm in diameter. The bracelet measures between 18 mm and 19 mm in length when open. Its origin is from Turkey. You can choose between 3 colors: Blue, dark blue and varied colors. This amulet...

    19,60 €
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  • Vintage model bracelet with natural stones and sterling silver. These bracelets are made with gemstones set in sterling silver. The stones are round and the silver that frames them presents a beautiful vintage style. The bracelet contains seven stones and the average size of each bracelet is between 17 cm to 20 cm. You can buy these silver bracelets with...

  • Bracelet with natural stones in silver square model. It is a beautiful model of handmade silver bracelet that presents nine natural stones in a square format linked by vertices diagonally. The stones available to buy are: Amethyst, moonstone or labradorite. Each square stone measures about 8 mm and the entire bracelet has a total of about 19 cm to...

  • Garnet bracelet in silver square model. This beautiful silver bracelet model contains eight garnet stones in the form of squares joined diagonally by the vertices. Each garnet stone measures about 8 mm, with the bracelet having a total length of about 17 cm to 20 cm.

  • Silver bracelet with nine garnet, amethyst or moonstone stones. Beautiful bracelet made in India by hand in sterling silver with natural garnet, amethyst or moonstone stones. Each of the bracelets contains 9 stones of approximately 12 mm x 7 mm each stone and in a marquise format. The approximate length of each bracelet is between 19 cm to 22 cm.

  • Sterling silver bracelet with labradorite or amethyst stones. Beautiful bracelet handcrafted in India with amethyst or labradorite stones and sterling silver. Each bracelet has 8 marquise shape stones with an approximate size of 12 mm x 7 mm each stone. The bracelet has an approximate length of between 17 cm to 19 cm. Labradorite is a bearer of light, has...

  • Bracelet in Sterling Silver and Labradorite or Moonstone. Bracelet made in India in a handmade way with Sterling silver and Labradorite or Moonstone. It has nine oval gemstones pieces with about 9 mm x 7 mm size. This bracelet has a length of approximately 17 cm to 19 cm cm. There are two models of stone to choose, Labradorite or Moonstone. Labradorite is...

  • Bracelet in 925 silver with round gemstones. They are bracelets with round cabochons of gemstones set in sterling silver. The approximate measure of each cabochon of the silver bracelet is 8 mm in diameter. The options available to buy this model of silver bracelet are: Amethyst, rose quartz, garnet, lapis lazuli and tiger eye.

  • Bracelet with oval natural stones in 925 silver. These precious bracelets made of sterling silver are studded with natural stone cabochons. Each cabochon of the silver bracelet measures about 8 mm x 7 mm. There are 5 different stone options to buy this model of silver bracelet: Amethyst, rose quartz, garnet, lapis lazuli and tiger eye.

  • Evil Eye Bracelet in Glass and Sterling Silver. These delicate bracelets feature lampwork Evil Eyes set in 925 sterling silver. They are handmade bracelets with 11 Evil Eyes each and available in blue, dark blue and white. The Evil Eye is present in diverse cultures as a powerful amulet against the evil eye. It is an ancestral symbol preserved to this day...

    19,60 €
    In stock
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