Rose quartz point - India

Rose quartz point - India
  • Rose quartz point - India
  • Rose quartz point - India

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Faceted rose quartz points from India.

These handcrafted rose quartz points have a 6-sided obelisk format.

As they are pieces carved by hand in natural stone, they present asymmetries in the format and variations in the measurements.

When cut and polished, natural rose quartz shows inclusions, fissures and cracks on the surface that are very typical of this mineral.

The occurrence of different nuances in color is also a characteristic of natural rose quartz and the same piece can present light and dark areas, as well as different levels of opacity.

Each rose quartz point is between 9 cm and 11 cm high and 2 cm thick approximately. The price corresponds to one tip and neither the weight nor the variation in the size of the pieces is considered.

The tips shown in the photo are a sample of the product, the customer will receive a tip of equivalent quality.



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