Point of lapis lazuli

Point of lapis lazuli

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Faceted lapis lazuli tips.

Carved tips in laspislázuli, indigo blue stone with sparkles of pyrite, on sale by weight.


Approximate measurements:
Approximate weight: Height:
30 grams Between 6 cm and 8 cm
40 grams Between 7 cm and 8 cm
60 grams Between 8 cm and 10 cm
90 grams Between 9 cm and 11 cm
100 grams Between 10 cm and 12 cm
110 grams Between 10 cm and 11 cm
120 grams Between 12 cm and 13 cm
140 grams Between 14 cm and 15 cm


In the photo you can appreciate the genenral quality of the product, you will receive a similar piece according to the selected weight.

According to gemotherapy, lapis lazuli benefits the sixth chakra and enhances intuitive vision and communication, both physically and spiritually.


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