Natural tip crackle crystal quartz


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Precious crackle crystal quartz natural tip.

Beautiful natural crystal quartz tip from Brazil, with the base cut to be able to place it vertically. It presents six different facets as it is the natural geological formation of the quartz.

The measurements of this crystal quartz tip are approx. of 19 cm x 10 cm x 8 cm, and weighs about 2.540 kg.

This particular piece has internal cracks (crackle) with rainbow flashes that are the result of a physical process that it has undergone and that give it a magical and special appearance.

Quartz tips are energy transmitters. Very used in Reiki, gemoterapia, Feng Shui.

Crystal quartz is the most immaculate form of quartz, transparent because it contains no impurities.

Spreads positive energies, while dissipating negative ones.

It is the best stone for meditation. Quartz helps to think more positively.

Unique piece.


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