Black tourmaline semi carved by weight.

  • Semi-carved black tourmaline - 250 grams each one.
  • Semi-carved black tourmaline - 250 grams, 500 grams and 700 grams.
  • Semi-carved black tourmaline - 250 grams, 550 grams and 750 grams.

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(tax included) .



Black tourmaline raw semi carved in the shape of a point.

These beautiful pieces of raw black tourmaline have been partially carved by hand in the shape of a point, but leaving the sides of the stone natural.

Each one is a spectacular piece with beautiful veins, inclusions and natural cracks typical of the formation of black tourmalines in the province of Ceará, Brazil. The veins are formed by the presence of other minerals such as quartz or red hematite.

Sold by unit according to the weight of each piece, the price of each is relative to the approximate weight.

The format of each piece, as well as its measurements, are very irregular, as pieces of the same weight can have different proportions. The weight is approximate and can vary about 25 grams for less or more.

In the images we have presented a sample of the product. When buying a semi-carved black tourmaline tip, the client will receive a piece of the same quality as those shown in the photos.


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