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Prehistoric Arrowhead Pendant retort

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Pendant silex arrowhead, made like in prehistory.

Dimensions of silex arrowhead pendant: 3,5  x 2 x 0,6 cm and the weight is about 5 gr.

From prehistoric arrowheads were instruments of hunting and protection from enemies. Since then the arrowheads were used not only as weapons but also as talismans and amulets.

An arrowhead is an ancient symbol that adds strength and protection.

Arrowheads these are made of silex, the same mineral that our ancestors used and with the same techniques wrought.

Prehistoric men used silex to make all kinds of cutting tools and also to produce fire by friction as it produces sparks.

The silex has an energy that leads to evolution, is the material that propelled mankind to conquer technology, from rudimentary weapons and mastery of fire until modern microprocessors made of silicon that the main chemical component of the silex.

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