Pack of 12 natural stone keychains

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Pack of 12 natural stone keychains
  • Pack of 12 natural stone keychains
  • Amethyst keychain
  • Carnelian keychain
  • Blue quartz keychain
  • Cristal quartz keychain
  • Rose quartz keychain
  • Green quartz keychain
  • Hematite keychain
  • Red jasper keychain
  • Ónix keychain

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Pack of 12 keychains of various natural stones.

These silver metal keychains each have a natural stone boulder with measurements of between 2 and 3 cm.

The total measurement of the keychain is about 8 cm in length.

Being natural stones each key ring is unique.

They are sold in batches of 12 units and each batch consists of two rose quartz keychains, two amethyst, two quartz crystal, one onyx, one hematite, one green quartz, one blue quartz, one carnelian and one of red jasper.


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