Sodalite necklace - different models

  • Sodalite necklace - model 1
  • Sodalite necklace - model 2
  • Sodalite necklace - model 3
  • Sodalite necklace - model 4
Sodalite necklace - model 1

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Sodalite necklace with different natural stones.

There are several models of necklaces and each one is made with sodalite chips mixed with beads and beads of other natural stones.

According to the model, the necklace can contain different types of natural stones such as unachite, agate, obsidian, hematite, quartz, jasper and even pearls and apple coral.

Each closed necklace has a length of between 37 cm to 43 cm.

They are made with steel wire in an artisanal way and have a metal closure.

The price corresponds to a necklace.

The stones and the chakras: depending on the colors, the stones help the chakras, by harmonising and opening our energetic centres. They work like amplifiers of the Chi energy (prana), facilitating its absorption through the chakras. They benefit the physical body and the energetic, contributing balance and welfare.


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