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Bracelet to remove the evil eye in lapis lazuli or turkenite

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  • Turquenite
  • Lapis Lazuli

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Bracelet to remove the evil eye made in lapis lazuli or turkenite.

This bracelet is made with 8 mm beads of lapis lazuli or turkenite.

The symbol of the eye has been used by many ancient cultures as a powerful amulet against the evil eye. Very popular mainly in Turkey and Greece, the eye that removes the evil eye has spread all over the planet and today is known as Turkish eye or Greek eye.

Here we offer two interpretations of the same amulet in the form of a bracelet:

  • Bracelet with the Turkish eye: made in white and turquoise jade (synthetic turquoise) has as a pendant the Hand of Fatima, a very popular amulet for the Turks.
  • Bracelet with the Greek eye: with the national colors of Greece, made in white jade and lapizlázuli and carries an owl as a pendant, symbol of the Greek Goddess Athenea.

Both models carry glass beads to remove the evil eye and neutralize the bad energies and are made with 8 mm beads and a 10 mm core with zinc alloy castings.

Legend says that the Turkish eye or Greek eye must be made of glass and when it is broken it must be discarded, because it has already fulfilled its function, and replaced by another.

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