7 Chakras bracelet (ball 8 mm)

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7 Chakras bracelet  (ball 8 mm)
  • 7 Chakras bracelet  (ball 8 mm)
  • 7 Chakras bracelet  (ball 8 mm)

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Chakra bracelet natural stone - 8mm Ball.

According to alternative techniques based in the Eastern tradition, natural stones, by their color, favor the Chakras helping in its awakening (open) and harmonizing our energy centers. Chakra bracelet has 7 different stones that are related to the main chakras.

This Chakra bracelet is made with natural stone beads 8 mm in diameter, the average weight is 17 gr. and elastic.

The stones that make up this bracelet of the chakras are: crystal quartz, amethyst, blue agate, green jade, yellow jade, orange aventurine and red jasper.