Evil Eye amulet with elephants

Evil Eye amulet with elephants

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Evil Eye amulet with elephants for home.

Remove the evil eye.

Evil Eye amulet with elephants is made with high quality materials, the eye is kind handmade Murano glass and the elephants are metal.

Approximate measurements Evil Eye amulet with elephants: 20 cm long and weighs about 45 grams.

It is an amulet ideal for the home. Composed by the blue glass eye and three decorative elephants.

Should always be in view of that enter in the home to protect against the evil eye and envy.

Evil Eye amulet is popular nowadays but is being used by various cultures since ancient times.

To perform its function of protecting the Evil Eye amulet must be made of glass. It will break in case of bad energy loads. If this happens it must be replaced by the new one as soon as possible.


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