Evil Eye amulet with owls

Evil Eye amulet with owls

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Amulet of Evil Eye with owls.

The Evil eye amulet protects against the evil eye.

The Evil Eye Amulet is made with a murano glass eye and decorative, metal pieces type format owl. All materials are of high quality.

Approximate measurements: 20 cm long and weighs about 30 grams.

This evil eye amulet whith two owls should be hung in the home, in view of the people who enter the house. Protect the environment against the evil eye, and negative emanations as envy.

The Evil Eye amulet has been used by various cultures since ancient times and remains one of the amulets against the evil eye of the most popular.

To fulfill its protective function it must be made of glass. If for some reason it breaks is that it has received a heavy load of bad energies and should be replaced immediately.


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