Evil Eye Keychain against the evil eye

  • Evil Eye Keychain against the evil eye
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Evil Eye Keychain model 3

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Evil Eye Keychain to remove the evil eye.

Evil Eye keychains measure about 17 cm long weighing between 25 and 40 grams.

Superior product, metal pieces and the main eye is handcrafted Murano glass type.

The Evil Eye simbol is considered a powerful amulet against the Evil Eye, it protects against envy and bad energies.

Several ancient cultures will use the Evil Eye as amulet and to this day remains very popular in several countries.

Evil Eye or Eye Greek, can be associated with other symbols or amulets, reinforcing his power.

You have to weigh in sight and should be made of glass.

It is heavily loaded it will break, eliminating the bad energy, if that happens must be replaced by a new Evil Eye.

Available in 3 models: 1- circle, 2- filigree and 4- owl.


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