Evil Eye - pendant to remove the evil eye

  • Evil Eye - pendant to remove the evil eye
  • Evil Eye - Model 1 , owl
  • Evil Eye - Model 2 , sphere
  • Evil Eye - Model 3 , butterfly
  • Evil Eye - Model 4 , turtle
Evil Eye - Model 4 , turtle

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Evil Eye pendant for mobile and  zipper bags.

Evil Eye pendant is used to remove the evil eye.

Ideal for hanging mobile, zipper bags or backpacks, etc ...

Approximate measurements Evil Eye Pendant: 12 cm long weighing about 10 grams.

Top quality material, the main eye is handcrafted Murano glass type accompanied by metal pieces.

The Evil Eye is a powerful amulet to remove the evil eye and protect against envy.

Used by many ancient cultures Evil Eye remains one of the most popular in the countries of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern amulets.

Also called "Greek Eye" is often associated with other symbols and amulets, to strengthen their power.

The important thing is that be made of glass and bring it into view. When this highly charged will break eliminating the bad energy, if that happens, it should be replaced by a new one.

Available in 4 models: 1- owl, 2- spher, 3- butterfly, 4- turtle.


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