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  • Sterling silver pendant marquise model with moonstone, malachite or lapis-lazuli. The format of the Kore model silver pendant is called marquise. It is made of 925 sterling silver and has a semiprecious stone that can be a moonstone, a malachite or a lapis-lazuli. The size of this beautiful silver pendant including its handle is about  mm x  mm being...

  • Oval sterling silver pendant with natural stones. It is a nice pendant wrought in silver of oval design that presents three options of natural stone available for its purchase: Moonstone, ruby and onyx. The decorated silver frame makes this silver pendant in a nice elegant jewel. The approximate size of each pendant is 30 mm x 16 mm x 7 mm with the...

    21,78 €
    In stock
  • Pendant in sterling silver model liana drop with natural gems. It is a genuine jewel made in925 silver with natural gems, a pendant in drop format that presents a work in silver of the liana type around the stone. There are three options of gems to buy this pendant in silver: Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye or Labradorite. The approximate size of this pendant...

    18,15 €
    In stock
  • Pendant of 925 silver and natural gemstones oval vintage model. The oval vintage pendant model is made of sterling silver and carries a semi-precious gemstone carved in cabochon. The aged silver finish gives it a vintage look. The measurements of each pendant are approximately 34 mm x 17 mm x 7 mm counting with the ring and the size of the gemestone is...

    21,78 €
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  • Marquise model pendant made of faceted stone with sterling silver. It is a beautiful pendant made of sterling silver with marquise faceted stone. This model of pendant measures about 30 mm x 11 mm x 4 mm, with the ring considered in the size and only the stone measures about 16 mm x 9 mm x 4 mm. You can buy the silver marquise pendant in the following...

    12,10 €
    In stock
  • Sterling silver pendant with semi-precious stone threshing model. Pendant made in sterling silver available to buy in several semiprecious stones. It is a very original model of pendant composed of a semi-precious stone threshing format set in a 925 silver frame. The threshing pendant measures about 30 mm x 17 x 6 mm with the ring being that the stone...

    16,94 €
    In stock
  • Mandala pendant made of silver with moonstone. Nice pendant in silver, circular format, silver openwork forming a mandala, aged finish and with a moonstone in the center. The silver mandala pendant measures approximately 27 mm in diameter, not counting the handle.

    19,60 €
  • Larimar teardrop pendant with sterling silver Made in sterling silver, this teardrop-shaped pendant features a larimar cabochon. The pendant with its handle measures between 29 mm x 16 mm. Larimar in a beautiful blue stone that, according to its metaphysical properties, combats stress and tension. Promotes communication and affection.

    24,20 €

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    Out of stock
  • Silver pendant and natural stones in semicircle format. It is a delicate design pendant formed by an oval natural stone set in a silver semicircle. This silver and natural stone jewel can be purchased in the following options: Amethyst, rose quartz, tiger's eye and moonstone. The average size of each pendant and its handle is about 30 mm x 12 mm.

  • Openwork pendant in vintage style silver with moon or turquoise stone. It is an oval, concave, with openwork pendant, in vintage-aged silver that can be purchased in moonstone or turquoise. This beautiful pendant in silver and stone measures about 27 mm x 16 mm with its handle included.

  • Silver moonstone pendant in circular format. It is a round moonstone adorned with a beautiful work in aged silver forming a nice circular pendant that is a real silver jewel with natural stone. The approximate size of the circular moonstone and silver pendant is about 21 mm in diameter without counting the handle.

  • Silver pendant with stone Poème model. The Poème pendant is a delicate silver jewel that features a round stone that can be turquoise or moonstone. With approximately 31 mm x 19 mm in size, including the handle, it is an ideal silver pendant for a short chain.

  • Openwork silver pendant with oval format gems. This pendant model is made of silver, has beautiful openwork and oval format. You can buy this silver pendant in stone options: Moonstone or turquoise. The size of this silver jewel is about 31 mm x 18 mm with its handle.

  • Teardrop pendant in aged silver with semiprecious stones. It is a silver pendant that is available to buy in three beautiful semiprecious stones: Ruby, turquoise and moonstone. It is a nice model, in tear format, with works in vintage-style silver and aged finish. The approximate measurements of this jewel in silver with stones are 33 mm x 16 mm, ring...

  • Silver oval model pendant with malachite or labradorite stone. It is a beautiful pendant made of smooth silver with bevel setting supporting an oval natural stone that can be a malachite or a labradorite. The pendant measures with the handle included is 28 mm x 15 mm.

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